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When it comes to apps & platforms that are already built into the cultural convention of everyday behavior — especially when that starts with Gen Z and extends deep into Millennials and Gen X — you’re coming to market with a huge advantage.

Making TikToks, sending Cameos is already built into people’s digital DNA.

It’s this preconditioned notion of "zero work" which is truly brilliant, and most beneficial to attracting the cohort of college athletes that are looking to build & monetize their brand presence.

The dope idea here would be to create an AMA app tailored to NCAA athletes.

Any currently active NCAA athlete could jump onto the platform and in just 15 seconds, to 60 seconds, to 3 minutes of their time give their unique insight into everything from their personal training regimens, sleep cycles, diets, and more — and be compensated with a bit of cash while doing it.

It’s a win-win for both the athlete and the user. For an aspiring basketball player, learning from an actual athlete on an NCAA team could not only be useful in their basketball athlete path, but could also be a great source of inspiration as well.

That said, a potentially bigger idea would be to start measuring, managing, and leveraging all the data that is generated from these one-on-one experiences between the athletes and the users.

The dope idea here would be to create a NIL Brand IP calculator — to create a measurable history of rich data points across an NCAA athlete’s career that could be used in any major negotiation around a professional brand sponsorship deal.

What’s great about the lifting of these old school NIL rules that have governed the NCAA for years, is the freedom to how much more an athlete can now build up and manage their own personal Brand IP, long before ever exiting the NCAA to go PRO.

Just think if a Steph Curry or a Kawhi Leonard had started managing their own Brand IP right from their NCAA days….

The average NCAA athlete would have 4 years of solid data built around their Brand IP — 8 years if they played all through high school — that they could then bring to the table and leverage during a negotiation when the Nikes of the world come knocking on their door to cut a deal.

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